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What to expect from a Vibrational Sound Therapy Session

You will lie clothed on a massage table face down, face up or in both positions depending on the session you choose. One to three bowls will be placed on or around your body in various positions. The bowls are struck with a felt mallet in a relaxing rhythm.

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What to expect
Meet Joanne
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Meet Joanne Dusatko

Vibrational Sound Therapy Certified Practitioner
through the Vibrational Sound Therapy Association
Completion of 186 hour certificate program of Sound Healing and Therapy
through the Globe Institute

I find joy seeing people come into healing and wholeness. I have been a musician for most of my life and I love using my musical sensibilities along with my training and listening to Spirit to bring positive change to people. 

I currently reside in the Chicago suburb of Berwyn and see people in my Berwyn studio space as well as in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. Services at other locations are available for an additional charge. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Vibrational Sound Therapy?

     Stress relief

The sound and vibration of a VST session activates the parasympathetic nervous system and brings relaxation and stress reduction to the body and mind. 

Easing blockages and tension

The vibrations help reduce blockages caused by stress while producing increased blood flow to muscles while also decreasing muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. 

Reducing depression and sleep issues

The effects of the treatment can result in deeper, better sleep, help balance moods and reduce fatigue.

Quickly introducing deep meditative states

Relaxation during a session brings on the same kind of brain state as meditation and yoga.

Brain entrainment

The VST session helps to entrain the brain to favorable brainwave states and balances the hemispheres. 

Calming the mind, body and spirit in conjunction

The VST session provides benefits on multiple levels. 

Raising focus and gaining a clear mind while boosting creativity

The gentle tones and vibrations help to focus the mind fostering stronger concentration. 



I have a very intense knot that flares up in my upper back regularly due to stress. I've had regular massages that have helped but the knot never goes away. After my first VST session the knot was gone! Not only that, but I felt a deep calm. I felt fully rested as if I'd taken a long nap. I'm so grateful for having the chance to try out VST with Joanne. I've had two sessions now and I plan to return regularly. She is a gift. I feel healthier, more clear headed and more energized. I'm thrilled!   

— V.N. 



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